Proposal Project

Communication Strategy Plan

The client for my proposal is Built In CEO Maria Katris. Currently, we at Built In are working on developing our job board to help startups acquire much needed talent while also growing one of our revenue streams. In order to enhance the job board though the company has to grow both sides of the equation equally; we have to market our job board to startups in hopes that they will buy job post credits and we have to market our job board to students in hopes that they will use the board as a way to find a job for after graduation. The problem Built In is currently having is capturing the interest of students and getting them to use our board.

The purpose of my proposal project was to determine which platforms are the most commonly used by recruiters, how to use those platforms to recruit successfully, and then to apply all of that research when creating an online solution (or collection of best practices) for Built In to market their job board online. The platforms that I focused on in my recommendation were Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and the concepts that I focused on were telling a story, building relationships, and being inspiring. Overall, the proposal is strong, backed by research, and is very cost effective.

I have already forwarded my presentation and proposal to my boss Maria and she loved it. We’re currently in the process of writing a report for a grant from the mayor of Chicago and once we receive the grant Maria plans to bring people on full time to run our social media platforms where she will ask them to follow my recommendations and complete other day to day tasks that our social media accounts currently require. She also liked the formatting of my proposal so much that she asked me to write the report for the mayor in the same style as my proposal. It was definitely cool to be able to work on a project for this class that is actually being implemented in the real world.

IMS 407 Proposal (Engelhart)


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