Employment Package

My final submission for the Employment Project includes my Communication Strategy Plan, Interview Video, LinkedIn profile, and resume. The entire project is designed to build my professional and personal brand in pursuit of finding a career in fields relating to marketing or interactive media studies after college. My Communication Strategy Plan and Resume are featured in as links in pdf format on this page,  my Interview Video is embedded into this post, and the link to my LinkedIn page is shown below:


The feedback that I received from my classmates after the draft version of this project was very positive. I was pleased to see that they enjoyed the presentation and content as there were very few comments dedicated to changes that should be made. Based off their feedback I decided to keep my final interview video the same as my draft video. I am confident that I had a great first run through and the opinions of my classmates validated that. One classmate mentioned that they would like to see more contextual background on my Linked In profile so I spent a couple of hours making sure that it was very thorough and up to date; I love the way it looks now! Lastly, another classmate said that I should communicate my interview question more clearly in my final draft so I will attempt to do that now. Overall, there comments were great and helped me put this project together.

My interview question is one that I have being asked at the very beginning of every interview. While it is a simple question, somehow it is always the most difficult question for me to answer. Interviewers always tend to ask, “Before we get started, could you please tell me a little bit more about yourself?” Therefore, this video is a response to that question where I outline who I am, what my educational experiences are, and what I am involved with professionally. I try to keep it short as they are typically just looking for a brief overview before digging down deeper within the actual interview itself.

I am very proud of how this employment project turned out and am excited to display it here for all to see.

Communication Strategy Plan (Engelhart)

Engelhart Resume


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