My Final IMS 407 Blog Post

As cliche as it sounds, what an eight weeks it has been. Just look at things quantitatively:

8 weeks, 60 modules, 16 blog posts (2 per week), 2 sync sessions, 1 Global Communities Project, 1 perfected LinkedIn account, 1 perfected resume, 1 data visualization assignment,  2 recorded videos, 2 Communication Strategy Plans, 3 required readings (and a whole lot of not required readings), and countless Interactive Business Communication Google Community wall posts and comments on classmates blogs.

It’s exhausting to think about but I have learned a lot from it all. Coming into this class I thought interactive business communication meant communicating with people digitally and learning about all of the different types of media and platforms we can use to accomplish our communication needs. While it does mean that to some extent I learned that it’s actually so much more than that. It’s about building relationships, problem solving, and building yourself a professional brand. It’s about connecting, thinking, learning, communicating, working, laughing, struggling, failing, and taking risks as well.

This course was all about stepping out of your comfort zone, running into problems, and coming up with ways to make sure you do better the next time. What I also found was this course took very simple concepts and showed us that there’s really a lot more to them that we think. I really enjoyed conversing with my classmates on multiple platforms and talking with them in both our Google Community Groups and during our sync sessions.

Coming out of this class I’m excited to take what I’ve learned and apply it to the rest of my college career and my professional career after. Thank you Dr. Porter, for your commitment to teaching your students online and over the summer and I hope to run into you and my other classmates from time to time when we get back to school this fall!

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One thought on “My Final IMS 407 Blog Post

  1. I’m glad you have gotten a lot out of the class. I have also learned a lot throughout this course. I feel like I’ve had more work to do in this class than a normal semester long course at Miami. I have definitely learned to look into business technologies further and see their full potential. I am going to be starting a blog about the website I am working on soon and will carry over what I have learned in this class. Great working with you!

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