Communicating in a Digital Internship

This summer I am working for a digital, three year old startup called Built In. Built in is an online platform that connects and promotes technology startups within the community. Check out our value proposition video:

We currently have platforms in three locations: (Chicago, where I am working this summer) (Denver which is soon being rebranded to Built In Colorado) (Los Angeles)

The reason I am telling you all of this is because we constantly communicate digitally. It is our job (and mission) to foster a great entrepreneurial community where founders, innovators, creatives, investors, mentors, and everyone else can feel like they can help each other, learn from each other, and grow the community together.

The four ways that we uphold this mission is by providing these leaders with an online space to converse and share, match startups with the talent they need in order to grow by means of our job board, publish quarterly and yearly data that celebrates the entrepreneurial community, and hosts and promotes live events that allow these people to come together and network. Our content sharing platform (where our members can come to blog) is a great example of digital communication. Here conversations can run constantly about the city, interesting news, upcoming events and more.

While I was definitely excited to come be a part of the Built In team this summer I had no idea that I would be communicating digitally probably more than I would be communicating with people in person. I’m constantly sending emails, overseeing our social media communities, publishing data online, monitoring our events/job board, and more. This has been an awesome learning experience when it comes to working in a professional digital space and I definitely am excited to take what I’ve learned here and to apply it to applicable situations at school and as I go into the work force.

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