In today’s society people are beginning to look for ways to communicate information at faster and faster speeds. One of the methods that became popular was the use of infographics. These infographics helped people communicate a large amount of information in a quick and easy to read way. While infographics are still popular today, a new digital method of communication arose soon after. People and businesses started creating videos with a cartoon, infographic like feel to communicate information even quicker.

One of the examples provided was the Wealth Distribution in America video that I actually had run into a couple of weeks prior. The video is very informative but the reason why it resonates so well with people is because it uses visuals to communicate a message. A complicated message is easily simplified by showing people what it looks like visually. I think this is a great technique that can be kept in the interactive business communicate toolbox to enhance one’s ability to communicate through this medium.

Startup businesses are also starting to use this technique to communicate what value their business provides to prospective consumers. This shows us that the method is successful in communicating value while also engaging a viewer. Below are two examples of successful startup videos.




Businesses are also starting to use infographics as business reports because the human eye can pull relevant information out of them quickly. These two methods, both infographic pictures and videos, are great ways to communicate messages effectively and efficiently.

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