Startups Communicate through Video

Today at my internship I was scrolling through our company’s Twitter feed in search of interesting content that we could blog about on our platform and I ran into this:

I have personally seen these types of videos what feels like 100 times before but today something clicked. These specific videos are created for startup companies as a way for them to communicate to their users and customers what value they provide. I’m not quite sure what I’m more impressed with: utilizing this media as a marketing tactic solely dedicated to communicating value or the stylistic, engaging aspect of the videos themselves. Either way it’s genius.

Let’s take a closer look at the first part. Video is being used as the new way to communicate. The value of a one minute video is equal to 1.8 million words….unbelievable. The value of a one minute video is also equivalent to 3,600 webpages. No wonder startup companies are gravitating towards using this type of media to promote their value. This is a great marketing tool that can be used to digitally and easily communicate with target audiences. For example, check out one of my more favorite videos below. Think about how many webpages and how much text it would have taken to communicate the same amount of information that this video communicated in one minute.

This type of media isn’t just used by startups to communicate value but it is also applied in a variety of settings. Business all over the world are using video to communicate with their customers, employees, and communities. Professionals are using videos to brand themselves, give presentations, deliver information,  and more. This, overall,is an effective way for businesses and professionals to communicate with each other and with the world.

Looking at the other side side now, these videos are stylistically incredible. I did a little bit of research and most studios are charging $5,000 to $15,000 for these pieces of marketing art. I’m sure students with the capability to create like this are just as sought out as web developers, mobile app developers, designers, and coders. Colleges and Universities should be teaching Interactive Media Studies classes solely focused on this type of media as it is such an interesting, valuable, and sought after skill.

I have grown very interested in all of this from both a marketing and design standpoint. I am going to start looking around for what efforts go into these videos, who teaches the technique behind making them, what software is necessary, etc. because this is something that I definitely want to learn how to do.




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