First Day

Tomorrow is the first day of my summer internship at builtin chicago. Flying back from London, catching up with my family for two days in Cincinnati, and then making the drive to Chicago has been one hectic fire drill of a transition I must say. Just a couple of hours ago I finally just sat on the porch with a friend for an hour or so and at that point it had hit me just how overwhelmed I really was. Regardless, I’m very excited for tomorrow but all first days come with a lot of questions.

I realized tonight that preparing for the first day of your internship feels a lot like getting ready for the first day of elementary school. What do I wear? What do I need to bring with me and what if I forget something? Will I make any friends? What will lunch time be like? What if I miss the bus or wake up late? What if I do something and all of the other kids laugh at me? Who will I play with at recess? What if my homework is too difficult? The list goes on and on but on a more professional level it’s definitely fun thinking about what is in store for me tomorrow and how that will compare with all of my other professional experiences.

My boss told me to wear jeans on the first day of work. Seeing as the company I’m working for is a startup company, that makes complete sense. While it’s difficult to decide what to wear with my jeans on the first day it does get me excited to learn more about startup and company culture. In all of my past internships I’ve had to sport my business professional attire, I’ve been given tasks to complete, and that was that. I have a feeling that is not what bultin chicago is going to feel like. I’m ready for young, fast paced entrepreneurs to throw things at me that have to get finished in an hour. I want to be able to see my work make a direct impact on what this business is going to look like 10 days, 6 months, or 5 years down the road. That’s something pretty cool.

Revisiting the concept of company culture, I believe that is a huge impact on how one communicates both inside the work place and digitally. I found a really cool article about how to communicate company culture:

I really like seeing how different companies interact with each other and I also like observing the different types and levels of professionalism in the environment. I think it’s what makes a business unique and dynamic. Overall, I’m really excited for my first day tomorrow where I begin the process of becoming part of the builtin chicago family!

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