Why Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool to utilize when professionally representing yourself. The social media platform has a variety of functions that allow users to network in an online environment. When reading the assigned readings as well as when learning about LinkedIn own my own I’ve noticed that there are 10 or so best practice that you see everywhere. They include:

1. Complete your profile

2. Add connections

3. Keep your profile public

4. Include a photo

5. Write a solid professional summary

6. Mention your skills and use key words

7. Keep contact settings updated

8. Add website links

9. Utilize LinkedIn applications

10. Get recommendations

Many of the best tools, applications and strategies for creating a strong online professional presence are listed above. Each component adds to the overall effectiveness of your professional online presence in a unique way. However, utilizing a combination of tools and apps helps make your platform usage that much more effective. For example, a user is able to add their blog to their LinkedIn profile via and application, which is perfect because I am currently developing a blog now. In addition to the blog, there are areas on the platform that allow you to voice your interest in learning about blogs or the topic matter your speaking about in blogs, making your point that much stronger.

The statistics located in the infographic are also really interesting. Especially the stat that says 1 in 6 workers used social media to get hired. I’ve personally been reached out to by recruiters based off of what was on my LinkedIn profile and, because of the platform capabilities, have been able to maintain relationships with them . Therefore, I know it is a great tool to use!

The greatest part about LinkedIn profiles is that they are ever changing. The ability to grow your profile as your career grows is a valuable asset. Overall, I’m excited to further develop my profile in the following weeks.


Assigned Readings:

“10 Tips to Enhance Your Job Search on LinkedIn”


“Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search”


“Use LinkedIn Effectively”


“Using Social Media in Your Job Search”


“How Social Media Is Reshaping the Job Search”


“The Modern History of the Resume”


“INFOGRAPHIC: Can Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin Really Get You A Job?”


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2 thoughts on “Why Use LinkedIn

  1. You mention that anyone can always change her LinkedIn profile. That is something I hadn’t considered at first–I’m really glad you brought that up. LinkedIn, as well as other social media sites, provide so much opportunity to construct your online self, reach out, interest people, be curious about connections and contacts–but it also allows for editing. When you change as a professional, or even just change your mind about the way you want to represent yourself and your professional image, you can switch everything up. You can appeal to a new audience of employers/contacts/coworkers/time travelers/etc.

    The Internet has such a permanent vibe to it (“your mistakes will live on forever!”). I love focusing on its maleable side.

  2. I really like the point you made too about how anyone can change your LinkedIn profile. It allows you to edit and update your profile as your life changes as well. I think easy updating is an effective tool for this site.

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