Pronouncing Produsage

Yeah, I felt a little bit stupid when I looked at the title of the first module and not only could I not pronounce the topic but I also had no idea what the word meant. For a second I thought I was in for a rough eight weeks but it turns out that produsage is the combination of two words: product and usage.

When visiting the oh so official produsage website (I didn’t know concepts had websites, but that’s pretty cool) I found that the definition is “the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement.” It turns out that I’ve been studying produsage for awhile without even knowing it!

The concept of collaborative communities has taken off not just with the development of social media platforms in the early 2000’s but the growth of them since then. I personally love studying digital media and social media marketing and have watched as brands have started the shift from strictly maintaining their social media platforms to promoting the users to generate and share content that can be discussed by everyone; not only does this take some of the creative stress off the company but it makes the users feel more like a part of the family (what a killer marketing technique). This type of give and take relationship between brands and consumers is what fosters great mediums that allow people to gather around topics and interests they enjoy. My Digital Branding class was heavily based on this concept and it was a lot of fun creating marketing strategies with this technique in mind that could have actually been proposed to the company we chose to assess throughout the semester.

I found this article on Coca-Cola and it talks about how their marketing strategy is evolving to cater to this type of collaborative community environment. It’s really cool so check out the videos at the link under Additional Resources.

Speaking of collaborative communities, I really enjoyed the article on the AIMS website about interactive technologies changing business communication. The piece talks about coworking which is “the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space” (“Coworking,” Wikipedia). That is such a cool concept because that is exactly the type of community that the company I will be interning for after I get back from London is working towards fostering.

Builtin Chicago is a startup company that I will have the privilege of working for in two weeks. They run a digital platform that serves as the center of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chicago. On this platform they allow entrepreneurs to collaborate with each other through blogs, live events, job boards, and more. Their entire business model is centered around the whole concept of coworking being perfect for the entrepreneurial world. Entrepreneurs run into the same types of really difficult issues no matter what industry they are attempting to break into. Therefore, having a community of other entrepreneurs to work with and get advice from would be highly beneficial (because they understand first hand the kind of dive and dedication it takes to start a business) and that is exactly the environment Builtin is attempting to create in a really fun and unique way.

I also liked the article on infographics and I think that it is ironic that the article showed up now because in my last blog post about blogs the first source I went to in order to uncover additional information was infographics. I’ve always wanted to learn how to graphic design and create them but I have the problem of wanting to learn everything; whether that’s video production and editing, website coding, or anything else and there are only so many hours in the day. Either way, I agree they’re a great source of information and I think they will continue to be popular in both the profession and social world.


Assigned Readings:

“How are Interactive Technologies Changing Business Communication?”

“Infographics-A New Kind of Business Reprot?”

Axel Bruns’ Professional Profile

“Produsage: A Working Definition”

“Produsage: Key Principles”

“Crowdsourcing Systems on the World Wide Web”

“Rhetoric Theory” Video

Additional Resources: 

Builtin Chicago

“Coca-Cola Bets the Farm on Content Marketing: Content 2020”

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